Being Angry

I was reminded by a dear friend how long the gap has been since I added to my blog. A loving nudge to share with you my current
and expanded insights into better, less stressful relationships. I was quite excited by the experience that I  share today. … and I am planning to be more active in my blog sharing too. Have fun with this.

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t get angry. It is a natural, normal and healthy emotion if dealt with cleanly. I have my own strategy for releasing my anger, but I am expanding my understanding of how to respond to other’s anger, whether directed at me or someone else.

Recently I was in a situation with several other adults where my dearest friend was really angry with me and was openly expressing this anger. Several in the group immediately made attempts to quell the anger with a variety of behaviours … humour, defence of me, judgement and admonition of my friend’s behaviour etc. This is what most of us would experience in situations like this.

I think it happens in most family situations too.

I watched and said nothing.

I saw that all these reaction behaviours were just making my friend even more angry.

He was being made ‘wrong’ for his anger.

I also noticed that his anger, although directed at me, was not about me.

We get angry when someone or something is not how we truly want it to be.

So, I stayed in a place of allowing him to be angry, have his anger, and express his anger without taking it personally.

Interestingly, it took but a few minutes and it was over, and the rest of the day flowed really well.

I don’t need to get tangled up in that which is not mine, emotionally. And this strategy is seeming to work for me.