Self Judgement

Hi All,

Such a while since I sat and wrote in this blog. I am exploring the process of releasing Judgement. Wow, what a vast array of experiences and mazes I am traversing to find my way out.

Many years ago, I came across a truly enlightening definition of Judgement from the wonderful ‘Lazarus‘.    “Judgement is an opinion or evaluation to which I add some sort of punishment; the conclusion that the person is ‘less than’; that they are less evolved; that they don’t deserve to be happy. To say ‘I don’t like someone’, is an opinion. To add,’therefore they deserve …..’ is a judgement.  Judgements hurt!

From this new perspective, I set out to become aware of my patterns of judgements. Well, they tumbled out all over the days and thoughts. To begin with I watched and noticed and practiced moving them into opinions and evaluations. This was interesting, new and curious.  However as the months and years played out the recognition of the depth of their roots was challenging to say the least. Like weeds in the garden, each season they almost seemed to multiply.

Most recently I have become increasingly aware of the inevitable link these judgements have with Love or more correctly, the movement away from Love. My beginning observations were of my judgements of ‘others’. My current observations are focused on the judgements of my self. I am shocked at the constant barrage in connection with my thoughts, feelings, choices and actions. I never let up.

So, this is my newest process. Notice when I judge, and practice shifting it to acceptance, and  then moving it to evaluation, knowing this guides me away from ‘self punishment’ and guides me to a lighter place of new choice and understanding. Ultimately allowing me to find the self love again.

I know that if I continue self judgement I cannot stop the judgement of others. They go hand in hand. I really am enjoying the clarity that is surfacing and the power i feel to be in charge of the choices I can make here. And like weeding in the garden, I am appreciating the clear spaces as I eliminate and reduce the intensity and frequency of my judgements. My desire to love, demands that I persist in this recognition and delight in the progress of growth.

If you read this, I hope it inspires you to take the leap into a possibility that you can move beyond Judgement in your own lives. I am not there yet, but I am seeing more light and love that was once hidden by the weeds of judgement.


Love and blessings to you all.  Pat


A beautiful message I wanted to share.

Prayer for Humanity

So my friend, please join me in affirming out loud the following super-charged prayer for humanity:

Dear Universe/Source/Spirit/I AM/God/Om (use whichever you resonate with most, as they are all the same),

How empowering it is to know that you and I are One.

That the life that flows through every cell and fiber of my being is the same life that flows through all of humanity, all plants, animals, Mother Earth, the planets, stars, galaxies, Universes and beyond.

From this Oneness, I am calling forth the vibration of Divine Love to fully activate itself within the hearts and minds of every being who has, is or will ever be a part of this beautiful world we live in.

May this Divine Love quickly anchor itself and generate Divine Balance in our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, so that we may witness a rapid shift from the current state of the world into one saturated with love everywhere.

I am aware that this will also result in the full blossoming of the greatest peace our global family has ever experienced—one in which celebrating love for one another becomes a daily part of our lives!

I am deeply grateful, knowing that this prayer has already started to reveal itself in the most amazing ways, starting this very second!

I joyfully send this prayer out to the Universe, knowing that it is done, it is done, it is done.

And so it is! Show me.


And there you have it my friend. Together, we have created something that is now impacting humanity in paradigm-shifting ways!

If you felt the power of this prayer, please feel free to use it or one similar to it as often as you like. This will greatly accelerate the world’s shift into higher states of consciousness.

We are powerful beyond measure!

Till next time,

Miraculously yours,



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