Learning Without Fear. An Alternative Paradigm in Education.


The biggest value judgement, is that our education system is appropriate.

The world is changing, and yet within the system of education certain changes – evolutionary, spiritual and metaphysical – appear to be ignored rather than embraced. These are the changes I am proposing in this book. Changes within ourselves, changes in our perception of ourselves as human beings, changes in the children coming into this world. Are we empty vessels to be filled up with knowledge and information, or are we consciousnesses able to learn and evolve?

Traditionally our culture is based on a Christian philosophy. Therefore on some level we are children of God .. or of a deity. Yet, there is a conflict as to how we treat our children. When a baby is born there is much ooing and aahhhing . There is a sense of awe at a new life, as yet unknown . By the time this soul reaches school it is no longer treated with awe . It is treated as the enemy of society. It must be conditioned and moulded, manipulated, judged and evaluated and trained to be acceptable for employment and life in society. A phrase so often used in schools is – “When you get into the REAL world.”

In this process, what happened to the Sacredness of Life?

Sacred: 1). Appropriated or dedicated to a deity. consecrated.

  . Entitled to veneration or religious respect by association with divinity or divine things; holy.

  . Regarded with reverence; properly immune from violence, interference etc.

As a teacher, I started to read about and explore the underlying reasons for obvious and constant change in the world and the loss of awe and the sacredness of life. I read books, listened to audios, attended seminars, and observed the changing world through a variety of media.   I concluded that the current / old dynamics are no longer suited to the present and future needs, both of adults and children.

As I tentatively started to incorporate new skills, knowledge and strategies into my teaching, addressing the needs of change, I became increasingly uncomfortable with the system within which I was working. I am not saying that the system is bad, but that it is fundamentally an old paradigm of looking at learning and dealing with children, and was set up in a time when people believed knowledge and life could be defined as constants. Ricardo Semler in his book Maverick makes the observation that “Our advances in technology have far outstripped our advances in mentality”. Should we mould the children or should we change the system? My choice is to change the system.

And so, like clothes that need to be discarded as we grow, it seemedß time for me to discard the old paradigm because it no longer fitted me or what I perceived as the needs of the students in my classes. These students would be entering a world different to their parents or that of many of their teachers or my world for that matter and so it seems appropriate to prepare them and treat them differently.

Slowly, I uncovered ingredients that formed the old paradigm   and set   about   finding   what seemed to be a suitable substitute for each ingredient to form a new paradigm. One that isn’t static. One that is flexible and therefore in harmony with change.

Paradigm shift is a move away from the certainty of the right answers to a process of transformation and a world of the unknown. In some ways it is what theologians have called ” a leap into the void.” It involves a change of belief systems from that which is the predominant world view.

Many argued with me, saying I was too idealistic and insisting that the system is changing. Yes, the system is changing, with new courses, new names and new assessment procedures, but often these changes lacked new growth of the person and the need for emotional environments that are attuned to a new era.

Staff rooms in schools are rife with complaints and frustration.   In my process of change I came to see that much of my dissatisfaction was because the old paradigm wasn’t working. It is actually that simple. Because it doesn’t work. Looking for new ways is what makes a difference.

Much of the problem is accepting traditional definitions of success in education without question. Whenever, I became dissatisfied with the way things were going in my classroom, or I became unhappy with my work, I asked myself the question, ‘Is there a better way to do it?’ I tried new ways without asking permission from anyone. If I wasn’t enjoying myself then chances were the students weren’t either.

At this stage I have identified twenty three paradigm shifts.   I incorporated them into the classroom process to varying degrees. None of these shifts work in isolation. Paradigm shifts are whole unique worlds.   Just buying new shoes doesn’t help the rest of the old outfit feel comfortable. We are still trying to squeeze a new body into old clothes that no longer fit. We need clothes that are comfortable and leave us room to grow. The new clothes I offer in this book are valuable in every aspect. You may gain some value from reading this book and trying out the ideas, as I gained value from the writings of others.   Enjoy!

The chapters can be read in the order I have presented them or in the order of your curiosity and interest. Each chapter expands one of the paradigm shifts that I incorporated and explored.

Through the process of honestly seeking the truth about   ourselves, we can gradually transform ourselves   from who we are into who we can be – into persons who are fuller, more life affirming, and self transcending.”   [p.10 Personality Types … Don Richard Riso]



Hi to whomever is reading this.

I have been away in another dimension feeding my soul with new and newer explorations of how the world is unfolding and changing. All good from what I see and hear, and I still believe that my previous blog topics still feel relevant to the current now.

I wrote a book many years ago that relates a paradigm of education that describes a new paradigm of guidelines that is in line with what I still see as a future that is more aware, trusting and evolved in its perception of what is possible when embracing a view that humanity is changing for the better, rather than destructive and beyond hope. So, I have decided to put a chapter up for you to read and consider. I will add a chapter at intervals until the whole book is here for you to contemplate and absorb and use as you wish.

I would love any feedback if it moves you to do so.

Hope you enjoy and share with others.    Thanks.

Self Judgement

Hi All,

Such a while since I sat and wrote in this blog. I am exploring the process of releasing Judgement. Wow, what a vast array of experiences and mazes I am traversing to find my way out.

Many years ago, I came across a truly enlightening definition of Judgement from the wonderful ‘Lazarus‘.    “Judgement is an opinion or evaluation to which I add some sort of punishment; the conclusion that the person is ‘less than’; that they are less evolved; that they don’t deserve to be happy. To say ‘I don’t like someone’, is an opinion. To add,’therefore they deserve …..’ is a judgement.  Judgements hurt!

From this new perspective, I set out to become aware of my patterns of judgements. Well, they tumbled out all over the days and thoughts. To begin with I watched and noticed and practiced moving them into opinions and evaluations. This was interesting, new and curious.  However as the months and years played out the recognition of the depth of their roots was challenging to say the least. Like weeds in the garden, each season they almost seemed to multiply.

Most recently I have become increasingly aware of the inevitable link these judgements have with Love or more correctly, the movement away from Love. My beginning observations were of my judgements of ‘others’. My current observations are focused on the judgements of my self. I am shocked at the constant barrage in connection with my thoughts, feelings, choices and actions. I never let up.

So, this is my newest process. Notice when I judge, and practice shifting it to acceptance, and  then moving it to evaluation, knowing this guides me away from ‘self punishment’ and guides me to a lighter place of new choice and understanding. Ultimately allowing me to find the self love again.

I know that if I continue self judgement I cannot stop the judgement of others. They go hand in hand. I really am enjoying the clarity that is surfacing and the power i feel to be in charge of the choices I can make here. And like weeding in the garden, I am appreciating the clear spaces as I eliminate and reduce the intensity and frequency of my judgements. My desire to love, demands that I persist in this recognition and delight in the progress of growth.

If you read this, I hope it inspires you to take the leap into a possibility that you can move beyond Judgement in your own lives. I am not there yet, but I am seeing more light and love that was once hidden by the weeds of judgement.


Love and blessings to you all.  Pat

A beautiful message I wanted to share.

Prayer for Humanity

So my friend, please join me in affirming out loud the following super-charged prayer for humanity:

Dear Universe/Source/Spirit/I AM/God/Om (use whichever you resonate with most, as they are all the same),

How empowering it is to know that you and I are One.

That the life that flows through every cell and fiber of my being is the same life that flows through all of humanity, all plants, animals, Mother Earth, the planets, stars, galaxies, Universes and beyond.

From this Oneness, I am calling forth the vibration of Divine Love to fully activate itself within the hearts and minds of every being who has, is or will ever be a part of this beautiful world we live in.

May this Divine Love quickly anchor itself and generate Divine Balance in our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, so that we may witness a rapid shift from the current state of the world into one saturated with love everywhere.

I am aware that this will also result in the full blossoming of the greatest peace our global family has ever experienced—one in which celebrating love for one another becomes a daily part of our lives!

I am deeply grateful, knowing that this prayer has already started to reveal itself in the most amazing ways, starting this very second!

I joyfully send this prayer out to the Universe, knowing that it is done, it is done, it is done.

And so it is! Show me.


And there you have it my friend. Together, we have created something that is now impacting humanity in paradigm-shifting ways!

If you felt the power of this prayer, please feel free to use it or one similar to it as often as you like. This will greatly accelerate the world’s shift into higher states of consciousness.

We are powerful beyond measure!

Till next time,

Miraculously yours,



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Love as a Universal Being

Love and The Universal Being

I thought that these paragraphs from one of William LePar’s lectures might be of interest on this topic of relationships.

“Human’s woes are rooted in the fact that they have not accepted their status as a universal being. What is needed is for a real awakening to take place within them. It is for humans to understand that they are part of the whole and not an island unto themselves. A golden thread weaves itself through the universe and it is essential that humans connect themselves with this thread so that they may live a fulfilling and enriching life. What is that golden thread? It’s the fact that we are capable of loving. That is our prime purpose in creation, to love, to love ourselves first because if we don’t love ourselves we can’t love anybody else. All we can do is possess. Possession is only holding onto and not experiencing. If our only measure of growth is our ability to love, what is really holding us back? There isn’t one person who doesn’t want to feel love from someone else. Our natural created state is to want to love. I say, let’s forget about the extremities that the world has forced us to wear. If you tell someone you love them and you care for them what can they do? The worst they can do is haul off and smack you. So what? I have been smacked more than once and in a couple of days I forgot about it. There are many loves that I have missed that I will never forget. Many opportunities that I let go by that I wish I hadn’t.
I truly believe this is the most important bit of information The Council has ever given us because it is the key to everything. It is the key to why we are here. It goes like this: “We said that spirituality is an attitude. Yes, it is. It is that simple. It is an attitude of love, of giving, of compassion, of commitment, of thinking about the next person before you think about yourself.”
Think about that. I’ve been talking to you about love. Love is giving. Love is being willing to commit yourself to an individual so that you give to them totally. Thinking about them before you think about yourself. Did we ever stop to think that in doing that we’re actually achieving spirituality? If spirituality is an attitude of giving and loving and commitment then all of life is nothing more than an attitude and what is an attitude? It’s the way we choose to look at any given situation. The way WE CHOOSE to look. Love is an attitude and with that attitude I guarantee you 100% that you are going to grow spiritually. ”

For more on William LePar and The Council


I was asked this question by a friend (in Kathmandu)…..
G’day Pat, how are you doing? I have a question for you based on this quote: ” To speak gratitude is courteous and pleasant, to enact gratitude is generous and noble, but to live gratitude is to touch heaven.” Can you please elaborate and give examples on how to enact and live gratitude? Thanks heaps.

Thanks for your question. The statement you offer has layers of meaning, three as described. The first is to apply gratitude in our speech. This is easy and can be done superficially without actually having any meaning. We ask our children to say ‘thank you’, yet they may have no real feeling of gratefulness or appreciation. They are just learning social politeness. So, to ENACT gratitude, one needs to feel the feeling of appreciation and acknowledge that they actually want to genuinely express gratitude to another, or Source for what is being experienced. Beyond this, is the richer more expansive aspect of gratitude that one can feel in all moments, as we are walking down the street, we feel the gratitude of our very existence. We feel grateful to be alive, to have the sun shining or the rain falling, for having a body that supports us and is flexible and intelligent. We feel grateful that we have money in our pocket and food to eat and friends to interact with and fertile earth that grows our food, and animals that play with us. We feel grateful for our sense of sight and hearing and we rejoice in the music of all the sounds we hear, (even traffic) . We are aware that life itself, and even that which we call death is worthy of gratitude. We are alive with the awareness and appreciation of the boundless gifts that life is offering us in every moment. We are tuned in to Life and feel the gratitude that we are a significant part of it. This is how masters such as Buddha lived.
Your question has helped me find my way into that living of gratitude, as I appreciate connecting with you through this amazing technology to places and you that would previously have been so far away and may never have connected us at all. And that is just a small part of the gratitude I am feeling right now. It is so expansive and unending that it truly touches that which we call heaven. Blessings, Pat

Being Angry

I was reminded by a dear friend how long the gap has been since I added to my blog. A loving nudge to share with you my current
and expanded insights into better, less stressful relationships. I was quite excited by the experience that I  share today. … and I am planning to be more active in my blog sharing too. Have fun with this.

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t get angry. It is a natural, normal and healthy emotion if dealt with cleanly. I have my own strategy for releasing my anger, but I am expanding my understanding of how to respond to other’s anger, whether directed at me or someone else.

Recently I was in a situation with several other adults where my dearest friend was really angry with me and was openly expressing this anger. Several in the group immediately made attempts to quell the anger with a variety of behaviours … humour, defence of me, judgement and admonition of my friend’s behaviour etc. This is what most of us would experience in situations like this.

I think it happens in most family situations too.

I watched and said nothing.

I saw that all these reaction behaviours were just making my friend even more angry.

He was being made ‘wrong’ for his anger.

I also noticed that his anger, although directed at me, was not about me.

We get angry when someone or something is not how we truly want it to be.

So, I stayed in a place of allowing him to be angry, have his anger, and express his anger without taking it personally.

Interestingly, it took but a few minutes and it was over, and the rest of the day flowed really well.

I don’t need to get tangled up in that which is not mine, emotionally. And this strategy is seeming to work for me.

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